Writers—born or made?


What are your goals for 2019? For sure, personal growth and pruning is one of them. Landing a (better) job might also be another. You have writing aspirations or goals? So get up and hit the ground running; achieve your goals right from this month. In the fast-paced digital world of today, the writing industry has become so wide. Like a wide ocean, it teems with species of various forms and skills.

Writing has been the mainstay and museum of human education, civilization, and bureaucracy. It is the greatest hope in transferring these data on. Every generation learns from books. Having learned, they proceed to plan their own evidence and stories. These thought patterns go back into books. It’s a cycle. The one cycle that controls everything people know and think.

It is a beautiful form of art that ceases to lose its significance. The world’s libraries are the secret mines that refine the covert power of human thoughts. Without writing, we lose the spirit of our thoughts. And we can’t communicate beyond a generation. In fact, if we don’t write, we would be unable to keep for long that perceptual matter that makes us human—our inner lives.

The insight and judgement of every reader are at the mercy of the writer. This is the omnipotence the craft offers. That fictional platform it creates—a world where anything is possible. You can initiate an illusion in the reader’s mind. Provoke their deepest empathy toward your narrative. Cause your statement or myth to reverberate in the cordial corridors of their hearts. Instill faith, doubts, culture, learning and stuff into their spirits. Writing is how you do all these. The writer is the doer of them.

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Writing is life. To write is to live; to live is to learn; to learn is to think; to think is human. You are human.

– Bayo Moses

So, are writers born or made? You could spend the rest of a promising 2019 thinking about the nuances in the above argument. Or, in place of that, get on to asking the real question—do I want to write? When am I going to start? To clear the air, writing is what everyone has always done. Everyone is a storyteller, as all our lives are unique stories of who we are, how we see others, and why.

The human mind is fit to burst with potentials. Writing is one of these. It is nothing but a clear photographing of the musings of our hearts. It is a terse capture of the reality of our experiences. And a clear revelation of the twist in our existence. All these you can learn how to do. It is the natural art of capturing what the mind perceives in a terse form on paper. A form clear enough for a dummy to understand. You think you could do this—then you are a writer—or you just want to learn how to do them this 2019? I congratulate you right on, if you feel this way.

So why don’t we all get down to writing already—and behuman! That’s right. We write to be ourselves. Speaking helps you think aloud to others, while thinking helps you do that to yourself. But in writing, you do both. You are able to whisper your thoughts to yourself through the pen and also at full volume echo the same to others. Either you will like to write to entertain or to create impact—or to get paid—freelance writing is a thing. And you can learn all its ins and outs on the go. Prune and polish your creative thinking and writing potentials. Learn the secrets of imprinting your soul onto paper. Find out how you can start to write and then grow from a start-up freelancer to a professional. All in one training piece.

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MADDA Training 2019 is an initiative of MADDA Language Solutions. The mission is about spreading the knowledge, information, and skills of writing. We are putting together an outfit to educate and equip aspiring writers. This will give you what you need to learn and market your skills and get paid while you do what you love doing. So, either you will write for fun, for pay—or both—join the train. Get trained.

There’s a plethora of writing and language skill available to learn in easy ways. And, once you have, you can offer to clients while you work from home. That’s called freelancing.

Copy editing


Blog and article writing

Blurb writing

Copy writing


Ethical ghostwriting

Website content

Creative writing,

E-book services

And even translation

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To cut a long story short, you can master freelance writing and author services and just like that. And that’s what impels the world. It’s the information age.

The world’s in short supply of correct writers and editors. Become one today—a badass writer, a damn good editor. Do it to be you. Do it for fun. Do it for pay. I show you how. I take you through the ins and outs of the industry: how it works; what works; how to work it out. Learn what it takes to start as a freelancer. Then transit from freelancing to professional writing with time. All the secrets—everything—in one training piece.Plus, you get to keep the training manual. You can talk to it when you need a quick, spot-on, sagacious, and doable solution to challenges on the way. What more you want to have? Hit me a message. Let me know you want in. Then leave the rest to me.

This training is for all. Freelance writers, bloggers, authors, aspiring writers, business people, and just about anyone. For further inquiries and to register your interest, follow the contact details below:


+2348067082967; +2348137770294


Wanna be the writer? Join the train. Get trained.

Bayo Moses, Creative Director & Team Lead @MADDA

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