Martha’s Pen: What’s your excuse??

Having random people knock at my door, saying they are selling this or that is not a new thing for me. It is either I say come in so I can feast my eyes on the products which I may or may not buy or just politely say , thank you I am not interested. I am actually inspired by all these young entrepreneurs out there, you guys are the Real deal. I have a rather sensitive story to share with you today. I believe it would change your orientation towards life, inspire you, take you out of your comfort zone, push you to do the needful, take that whatever will be will be quote from you, that I don’t know what to do with my life always signature, that your average life satisfaction and make you take steps towards achieving your goals.
So yesterday, I heard this soft knock at my door, I said , come and trust me ,that was the third time I would say it , but I just realised the person was still struggling with the door, I was not even in the mood to stand up , so I just kept on saying the door is open come in, the person finally came in, only for me to see a girl with a walking stick and glasses with handmade bead bags and purses on her hands, I needed no one to tell me, she couldn’t see me or see anything else, but I know she was aware someone was there. My heart went out to her, after much deliberation , I actually realised she didn’t even want me to help her out of the room , she wanted to do it herself. Even though I couldn’t get any of the things she was selling I promised to check her in her room. I was totally amazed, the next question I asked mysef was ” Girl what’s your excuse” and I am asking you this same question.
I remembered my bead business which I abandoned in the name of bead is no longer reigning jare, after I had used money in learning this craft. Is this not the same business, somebody is advertising now?. I really don’t want to talk much, because if you read through well, you will know exactly what I am saying. We all really don’t have excuses for not achieving our goals in life. Life gives us opportunity each day not only to breath in and out but also take steps and produce fruits that will better our lives, are we using this chance well??. You had better come out of your mediocrity and laziness, your numerous excuses and comfort zone and start adding values and appreciating life. The earlier the better, before your only excuse will be, you stopped living and breathing.

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