Welcome To November, The 11th Month of the Year

Happy New Month People.

It is the 11th month of the year and we draw closer to the end of 2017. At this moment, I’m sure we will try to look back and try to recall all we’ve achieved, mistakes made, lessons learnt and feats yet to be achieved for the year.


As the yuletide draws closer, weather changes occur. The harmattan season replaces the rainy days. The period between November and March is characterized by dry dusty winds which blows from the Sahara Desert. This is the period when we will have cold and foggy mornings , dry afternoons and an increase in dry lips, legs and hands. Also, catarrh and conjunctivitis become rampant.

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Something I have actually discovered is that water becomes a very precious resource. Thirst increases due to the dry, hot weather.


So to enjoy this period despite the dry weather, it is advisable to wear clothes that cover your body well. Try to avoid dusty  areas, especially asthma patients, to prevent health related issues involving dust.

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This is the period when the lips of ladies glow. They apply lip balm to keep their lips moist. Dry lips develop cracks and this won’t be nice for beautiful ladies. Guys, if you know your lips are also dry, there is nothing bad in getting a lip balm. Also before leaving the house, rub a bit of lotion to keep your skin moistened.

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Lastly, please have your bath always. Enjoy this period of the year, stay happy, have fun and live life.

A happy new month to you again



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