The Wedding Party 2 Review


The movie plays as an overdramatic sequel to The Wedding Party. Firstly, the storyline of the movie is not well thought. The whole movie is based on one big plothole. We see Nonso Onwuka (Enyinna Nwigwe) pick up a ring which he has absolutely no business with and his date, Deirdre (Daniella Down) mistakes the event for a marriage proposal. That is the porous foundation upon which the storyline is built. Going further into the movie, you experience series of sleazy jokes, plotholes, unnecessary drama and clichés especially from supposed comic characters like Frank Donga and Ayo Makun. The plot started out poor and that lingered on till the end of the movie.

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To say something positive, a good aspect of The Wedding Party sequel is that the good actors kept up their terrific performances, including the likes of Sola Sobowale (Dunni’s Mother), Ireti Doyle (Obianuju Onwuka), Alibaba Akporobome (Bamidele Coker) to mention a few. Nevertheless, there are some reflections and evidences of bad script write-up and directing in the movie. The camera work is like every other Nollywood movie with the close up face shots, only that it is slightly better. The Wedding Party 2 is simply a high budget version of what we see in every other Nollywood movie.

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In its own way, the movie maintains viewers’ excitement at par from the start and raises it towards the end due to escalating tempo towards the end. In conclusion, the buildup of the movie is flawed as soon as it begins, series of plotholes pop up as it continues, and everyone rejoices at the end like everything went well.

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