Vera Sidika Brags about Her N1.8million Gucci Bag

Vera Sidika has declared her bag is worth a fortune, a few minutes after exposing her Nigerian ex-boyfriend’s dirty secrets.

The Kenyan socialite spilled damning revelations of how her ex scams people, uses charm and why she deceived him with a fake pregnancy.

The unbothered Vera Sidika shared an image of the expensive brown Gucci bag.

She wrote in the caption,

“My chanel bag cost me £3,990 $5,200 ksh 520,000, 10 million Tanzania Shillings, about 1.8 million naira & ul come tell me some girls are hating. Why won’t they? I’d hate on me too if I were them.”


Vera also dished out some ‘advice’ to men seeking to disturb a lady adding value to her life.

“If you see a woman that [has] sense and she has everything going on for herself and you know you’re not ready to add any positive value to her life, do yourself a favour and admire her from a distance without interrupting her greatness,” said the socialite.

She argued that women aren’t ‘gold diggers’, rather they are aggressively independent women who do not cling to men for relevance and basic things.

“It doesn’t mean they’re gold diggers, it just means they know what they deserve in life, so if your presence can’t add value to her life, what makes you think your absence will do anything to it?” She added.

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