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If you’re here hoping that I’m about to teach you how to increase your followers on social media then you’re in the wrong place 😂 as I don’t even have a wide followership base myself so🤷🏼‍♀️(but if you’re still not following me on Instagram, why😓??, just minimise now and head over to follow me on @a_iyinoluwa)

Now that you’re following, shall we😁

So in 2017, I decided to shed off some excess weight and I was extremely serious about it(I have carried the fit fam title again this year😩) so I headed over to google to find weight loss tips for beginners, my search took me to Instagram and I was overwhelmed and flabbergasted at the huge community of those losing weight, trying to keep fit and snapping back. All these people had various reasons ranging from getting a revenge body, to looking better in dresses, being healthier and even making money.

If someone had told me I would find such a huge community on Instagram, I wouldn’t believe it! I mean! I used to think every fat person sat in their houses and expected to lose weight by some sort of miracle😂! Alas, I was wrong, people were taking steps at achieving their dream And they way these people support one another is overwhelming! I literally felt like I became part of a family. There were friends I made and I know are friends for life plus the encouragement I got every time I opened my Instagram page would help me forge ahead on my journey. I unfollowed all the accounts that would tempt me with what I didn’t want to eat- Pizza, icecream, cakes, pastries, I almost followed everyone who was on a fitness journey and who ate healthy!

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Heres the point of my whole story: No matter how much and for how long we deny it, Social media plays a huge part in our lives and it has come to stay😋! Now, whatever we see each time we open our pages on various social media pages shape us and our perspective no matter how little!

If you agree with me, then you’ll also see that there’s a need to watch the content that your eyes sees and your mind processes! Whatever you want, you’ll get on social media so you owe yourself a duty to sift content and be sure not to follow anyone or any page that doesn’t align with your life goals. In this part of the world where there’s so much to be angry about, we need all the positive vibes we can get to push us to be better and  to be who we want to be.

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Guys, you owe no one a following(me inclusive!) you need not accept every friend request no matter who that person is to you! Following someone should not be a reward for friendship! You owe yourself the duty of staying sane and those you follow go a long way in determining how sane you stay!

When you’ve watched a person’s space and they keep dishing out content that do not align with what you want to take in, please use the unfollow button😊 you’ll be glad you did!

I’m not preaching arrogance but I’m all about impact and personal growth and keeping your space as clean as possible 😊. Don’t forget that some people will also unfollow you if  what you post do not align with their own life goals, and it’s totally okay too!

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If you’re like me and you spend considerable time on various social media platforms then you’ll bet that this tip I just gave you is gold😋

Take ownership of your space and your social media accounts, keep it free of toxic content that give you the not-so-good vibes so that each time you open that app, you’re 80% certain of the content your eyes and mind would be exposed to!

Cheers to a week of social media cleanse😁 

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