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This year, I’ve been a victim of money wastage at the cinema a number of times, I won’t mention the movies tho😑. In fact, one of those times, I actually left the cinema before the movie ended. So I’ve decided to choose carefully and not waste my money anymore. But guys, today, I got value for my money! This is the second Nigerian movie that impressed me this year, the first is the Legendary ‘King of boys’ (if you haven’t seen this movie, I don’t know what you’re doing😒)

So let’s talk about LionHeart 🦁



The Story is about a lady who had to fight to sustain the age-long business of her family- A transport company called Lionheart. She had the enormous challenge of restoring the business from the hands of bankruptcy. She fought alongside her uncle(my favourite person in the movie) and she had to deal with disappointed shareholders, angry auditors and ‘not forthcoming’ creditors.

If you have seen The Movie- Royal Hibiscus Hotel, which came out earlier this year, the storyline is similar but not exactly the same.

For me, there was nothing so spectacular about the storyline but it still came out beautifully well, the cast put in so much life and you definitely wouldn’t be bred watching it.

Guys, the movie portrayed so much culture, mostly Igbo and Hausa. I particularly loved one of the scenes where Igbo was spoken almost throughout during a family dinner and the Igbo insults were hilarious as well😂. I enjoyed the way it sounded more than the subtitles sef! My love for Igbo culture and especially the language just got to the peak after the movie🤩, I legit started considering marrying an Igbo man until a scene portrayed how two Igbo men almost duped an Hausa man of millions of naira whilst speaking their language 😂. His saving grace was that an Igbo man who understood came to his rescue. Right now, I need a trusted Igbo interpreter in my room as I am the only Yoruba girl in my room😂(story for another day)

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To the actors(male and female) , this movie brought back so many legends, from Genevieve to Osuofia, to Pete Edochie, Onyeka Onwenu, Kalu Ikeagwu and Kanayo O. Kanayo and many others. The actors were perfect for their roles and I was super impressed by the Character played by Osuofia. He brought his A game! Wit with a dash of sensible Humor and of course deep Igbo proverbs. I totally loved it. He played the role of the Main Actor’s Uncle and he was perfect! Let’s not talk about his bad mouth sha😂. He got me reeling with laughter all through!

One thing I really love about this movie is the total absence of a ‘dirty scene’. I can conveniently take a teenager with me to see the movie and not feel awkward! You won’t find two people locking lips or tearing each other apart on a bed!😑. The love in the movie was portrayed in a totally mature way and it didn’t even end in the usual way you would have predicted. They left so much for us to imagine and I completed the movie in my head and conducted a wedding for the lovers🤩😋💖

For the first time, I saw one of the Psquare brothers(I still don’t know which one is peter and which is Paul 😑) act in a movie. His scene was brief but he did pretty good. I still don’t know why they allowed him act the scene shirtless tho😓, it was so distracting… a good way🤩. And let me mention that Phyno the Igbo rapper and musician acted in this movie too. He also did pretty good!

Now to the dressing and all the other senrenren, I’ll say again that so much culture was portrayed, most of the actors wore very nice Ankara prints and other local dresses, no excessive makeups and the main actor wore her natural hair(which is a beauty to behold) almost throughout the movie!

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The movie ran for about an hour, forty five minutes, which is satisfactory for me. I really am not too patient with movies so I appreciate short yet interesting ones. I guess because the movie was intended to be short, there was no irrelevant scene or unnecessarily long scene. Every scene had a relevance to the movie which is fantastic if you ask me.



Guys! The movie has so many life lessons, I actually took out my phone to take down notes while the movie was on!

I will share a number of them with you but trust me, you may not get the total grasp until you see the movie

1. When we face life’s challenges, sometimes all we need is to hear the right words from people that matter to us and we’re braced up to face the world. My eyes got wet at some point when the main actor’s dad went all mushy while encouraging her😍💕. Be generous with kind and uplifting words, that may be all a friend needs to be encouraged.

2. The idea we need for personal and career breakthroughs are right around us, we only need to look closely!

3. Guys, do good! Never underestimate any opportunity to do good! You just don’t know who you’ll meet later in life! The good one person did in this movie bought back a company from the hands of bankruptcy! Whether or not you know people, as much as lies within you, do good!

4. Language is such a thin barrier. We deprive ourselves of so much by the stereotypes we form on our heads! One very funny scene in the movie shows how much we stand to gain by being open to others irrespective of their culture and background!

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5. Flexibility is key to growth! Don’t keep looking at one idea when you can try a couple others! Don’t expect a breakthrough from just one angle when you can explore other options

6. Originality is underestimated: you’ll see this in one of the scenes when a character had to pitch an idea to an investor! Sometimes we allow rehearsals and preparation to cloud who we really are. It’s good to prepare for a speech, for a pitch but it’s more beautiful when that pitch or speech reflects you, when you put yourself into it and it is original!

7. It’s good to have family, it’s better to have people who support your dreams, it’s best to have family who support your dreams! A supportive Family is everything!

8. God does not give you a burden too heavy for you to bear!

9. Love Love Love Love😍💕💖

Love can find you anywhere! Any freaking place. And believe me when I say I’m speaking to myself by saying don’t let culture be a barrier😂.


You can tell that I really enjoyed the movie and I’m sure you will too. Head over to a cinema to see it now😁


PS: Genevieve Nnaji hasn’t aged a bit since I was born😩. She looks the same and even younger from years back, flat tummy and all. I feel like she’s ageing backwards😩

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