How To Move Posts From Blogger To WordPress 2018

More and more bloggers keep moving from Blogger to WordPress or WP as it is fondly called and it is due to a lot of advantages WordPress offers. It is very easy to move your blog and blog posts from Blogger to WordPress.

Before you continue reading this post, you should note that unlike blogger, you would pay for hosting services. The type of plan you choose must suit the type of traffic you get on a daily basis. If you choose the wrong plan, your site might go offline so I would share one tip you must note before moving your blog to WordPress which is:- You must have a steady source of income. If you don’t have one you would get frustrated with WP because you have to be paying for the hosting services.

How To Move Your Blog From Blogger To WordPress

Do take note of these steps carefully so as not to lose your Google rank for your posts.

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Step 1:- Buy a hosting service to enable WordPress installation. This is where you would host your blog. Choose the best hosting service that suits you really well. I would recommend “NameCheap” or “Whogohost”.

Step 2:- After that on blogger, export your content to your PC or mobile phone. To export your blog, visit “” and sign in. After that click on “Settings” ->> “Other Blogger To WordPress”. Click on ” Backup Content” and then save all of your blog’s post, pages and all other contents on your PC or mobile phone.

Step 3:- You now have to export the blog contents which you have saved. Go to “”. By now you should have created your WordPress account. Go to ” Tools” —> “Import” and then click on “Blogger”. You would have to install the plugin first if you are just using the feature for the first time. Remember, this is WordPress and you deal only with plugins and plugins. After installation, click “Activate” to make the plugin active. Now, the downloaded “.xml” version of your blog posts which you have saved, you would then upload. You can do this through the upload button you see.

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Step 4:- Congratulations you have successfully moved your contents from Blogger to WordPress but it doesn’t stop there. You would have to edit your permalink structure.

Step 5:– Redirection Process. You need to set up a redirection so as not to lose traffic. You might have moved all your contents to WordPress but you still need to set up a redirection for them. Go to your Blogger Dashboard and then click on “Templates”—> ” Revert To Classic”. Here you would need a PC, you can’t edit HTML with your mobile phone. What you will do is that you remove all the codes inside and replace them with the entire code snippet below; Download the code here>>blogger to wordpress.txt >> Open >> Copy>> Paste it in the emptied template.
Make sure you paste your domain and mind the “http” and “https”.

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Please do note that the redirection does not stop here. There are different settings for different hostings. You need to find out more about the settings of the hosting service you choose.

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