Monday Update on Krishi (12th March 2018)

The servant brings another bouquet of flowers and gives it to TTS. Krishna is wondering what it is. TTS reads the card which says – My loving Krishna…it is yet another love letter. Krishna is shocked! Babloo and Ganga are also shocked. TTS continues – Sending you flowers along with my feelings for you – your lover…..
TTS is very angry. Krishna is in tears. He tell her – Take the flowers if you want.
Here at BDP’s residence they all are discussing that though Prishna have won the contest it has become the reason for their downfall. The flowers will be a cause of filling her life with thorns. Pinky continues to write yet another love letter.
TTS continues that outside people are sending flowers with love messages. Now you know Pintu Singh why I did not want you to take part in the contest. Babloo tries to tell his Dad that it was not their fault. TTS goes on- had they not danced we would not have seen this day! I need peace and happiness in this house. So if she wants to get back she must leave all this. Ask her if she agrees to all my conditions. Pintu is looking.
Krishna says – Babuji, I always tried to keep the self respect of this family intact and tried my best to discharge my duties even when I was here. But doing IAS was my Dad’s last wish and in his last breath I had promised him that I will become a collector.
TTS – intervenes – Aren’t we your parents too. After Sargam’s death this house needed a bahu and Sonu needed you too…aren’t you Sonu’s choti maa? Babloo again tries to calm him but TTS does not stop – He says – don’t talk in favour of Krishna. From now on, only what I want will happen in this house. She has to accept my conditions if she wants to stay here. I am not forcing her to though…..She can take her time to decide.
Krishna is in a dilemma She does not know what to do. She then says – I have thought that I cannot abide by your conditions. I cannot accept them. I have to fulfil my father’s last wish. I am sorry. Tears roll down as she says that.
Ganga is sad. Krishna starts leaving with her mother. She looks at Pintuji who is sad too.
Pintu Singh tries to stop her. He tells her – Wait – I will talk to Babuji. But TTS calls him back. He tells him that if he went to Krishna’s house henceforth he could see his dead body! ( kasam you see…….)Pintuji is so sad and upset. TTS tells him that there is no need to go after a selfish person. He adds that if she can leave all of us for her dad, can’t you leave her for all of us?
Pintu says – My wife needs me. But TTS calls him back yet again. Ganga also tells Pintu that his Dad is right and he should understand him (again a weak wife here caught up between Dad and son!) Pintu Says – I don’t want to understand anything. Do what you guys think as right. He leaves shattered.
Part Three
Manisha is cleaning up the house when Krishna and Saraswati return. She wants to know what happened. Chanchal too is keen to know. Krishna is weeping. Saraswati briefs them on the whole proceedings at the TTS mansion.
Pinky is happy that all happened so easily. The bouquet trick worked well She says that Prishna winning the contest was their biggest mistake and they had to be punished for it!
Manisha counsels Krishna that TTS may have been angry and so she should not worry. All will be well. Chanchal feels TTS was not right. Manisha tells her that every bad has something good in it. Maybe you can prepare well here for your IAS a in your sasuraal you will have other responsibilities (she is right –no distractions back home!!!)After you become a collector TTS will be proud of you and will take you back from here.
Krishna agrees that she is right. But she adds that she can’t give the exam as Pinky had stolen her forms and she had only posted an empty envelope! Krishna breaks down as she says this.

Sonu is calling out to ganga and heads in the kitchen, sonu tells the servant that he wants potato chips. The servant keeps boiling milk aside, and tries to take sonu outside and tells him that he’ll make it in a while for him. But sonu is adamant and refuses to go out without the chips, he accidently hits his hand on the hot saucepan leading the hot milk to fall on him. Sonu starts crying, everyone runs in the kitchen and sees sonu burnt his hand. Babloo is not able to bare sonu’s pain.

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Pinky, bihari and dihati are celebrating their win against Krishna. Pinky is shocked to see chanchal and manisha stand there. (oh so this is where they are headed too) chanchal blasts off at pinky for ruining Krishna’s life. Pinky, bihari and dihati start laughing. Pinky mocks it off and says she was lying about stealing the form and all. Bihari and dihati mock Krishna as well. Chanchal answers them back by saying that she’ll forget her limits if they don’t shut up. Dihati provokes them further, chanchal gives them one last warning and alerts them to be careful. Manisha takes chanchal along with her.

The dr does sonu’s dressing and prescribes some medications. The dr suggest them to take care of the child because he really misses his mother. The Dr suggests them not to leave sonu alone. Babloo blames himself for sonu’s condition because he is unable to give time to him. Babloo misses sargam and babloo says that he cannot take care as well as sargam did.

Ravi is too furious at pinky, saraswati calms them all down. Krishna decides to continue her journey no matter what.

Babloo tells ganga to sleep as it’s late, ganga instructs him what to do when sonu wakes up and all…babloo assures her he’ll do everything. Ganga asks him to sleep as well. Sonu is sleep talking to sargam, babloo is shocked. He sits beside him and tries to wake him up but sonu is very much in deep sleep. Babloo looks at sargam and then at sonu.

Krishna is in her room, remembers all her moments with pintu. (Main yahaan tu wahaan is playing in the BG) she sees pintu an is all happy. Pintu kisses on her forehead and Krishna realizes she was just imagining. On the other side pintu is missing Krishna, both are unable to sleep.

Next morning, babloo comes in the lounge room and tells everyone that he wants to get married again leaving everyone shocked with this decision of his. Babloo shares his concern about sonu which is why he decided to take this decision. The family is happy with their decision. Tuntun assures him that he’ll find a bride for him but babloo says that find a mother for my son, not a bride for me. Tuntun agrees, ganga prays everything to go okay.

Postman entering Krishna’s house, he goes up to Saraswati and tells her that there’s a letter for you, Saraswati asks “Who is the letter for?” the Postman replies “For Krishna Raj”, Saraswati looks worried. Krishna, Chanchal and Manisha come out of the house and Krishna goes up to the Postman, Bihari is also looking through the Window down to Krishna’s house. Saraswati asks “Where did it come from?” the Postman replies “From UPSC” Krishna looks kind of worried when she hears the name. Everyone else looks worried as well, Krishna takes the letter and the Postman leaves. Krishna looks at her Mother and then tears the envelope open, Chanchal is slightly smiling, and Krishna opens the letter and is overjoyed to see the letter. Krishna happily tells Saraswati “Mum, my Admit Card has arrived” Saraswati is also happy and so is Chanchal, Bihari is shocked. Chanchal is really happy and shouts “What?!” with a huge smile on her face, she pulls Krishna and they both hold hands and are going round and round (I don’t know what you call that, so I’m just going to say that they were dancing with happiness ) Chanchal shouts “My Sisters Admit Card has arrived” and Bihari is jealous (Yet again ) everyone is happy and Ravi comes out of the house hearing Chanchal and Chanchal stands up on the bench and shouts through a rolled up paper “People of Bhagalpur, Listen, Listen, my sister Krishna’s Admit Card has arrived” and Krishna smiles at her. Chanchal gets down and goes to Manisha and Ravi and shows them the Admit Card, they are both really happy. Chanchal goes near to Bihari’s house and shouts “Hey Jealous people, keep being Jealous because my Sisters Admit card as arrived” and Bihari is shown angry and hiding behind the curtain. Chanchal repeats “Hey Jealous people, did you hear me or should I repeat it with a loudspeaker” (Hahaha Chanchal cracked me up ) and starts laughing and so do the rest, Chanchal goes to Manisha and hugs her. Krishna then says “Pinto Ji was really worried about my Admit Card, when he finds out he will be really happy” Saraswati smiles and agrees, “I’ll call him up and tell him, Didi can I use your phone please” Manisha smiles and gives her the phone, Krishna calls Pinto.

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Over at the Singh Mansion, A Pundit is shown doing something (I think matching the Horoscopes ) And Ganga is shown talking to her friend and says her wish has been fulfilled, since Babloo has agreed to remarry, and asks her if she has any good rishta to tell her. Then their conversation ends and the Pundit says something to Ganga and Tuntun about Babloo’s Horoscope and they are both happy on hearing it (I don’t understand the Pundits words so I can’t translate, sorry ) and then he says that Babloo has to get married in One Month (Now this I understood) Ganga and Tuntun are shocked and the Pundit says “Or he can’t get married for another Four Years” Ganga and Tuntun are still shocked and Ganga is saddened, Ganga is shocked and asks “In One Month?” Pundit replies Yes, Pinto walks in and hears this, he quietly walks away from there and Tuntun says something to the Pundit and he sees Pinto and stops him. He asks Pinto where he is off to, Pinto turns around and says that he is off to meet his friend and Tuntun asks the name and Pinto replies Manoj and Tuntun was about to say something and Ganga stops him and tells Pinto to hurry back and he leaves and Tuntun starts talking to the Pundit again, and Ganga agrees with the Pundit and Sonu comes and Ganga starts talking to him, she tells him that he always remembers his Mother so they are getting him a new Mother, Sonu replies “Is Mum from God’s House as someone new?” Tuntun laughs (in a good way) and Ganga says to Sonu “No Sonu, we are making your Papa into a Dulha and whoever he marries, will become your new Mum”, Sonu says “I don’t want a new Mum and I want my Old Mum (Sargam ) back again” and runs off, Ganga tries stopping him but fails.

Over at the BDO Office, Pinky is shocked to know that Krishna got her Admit Card and refuses to believe it, but her dad makes her believe it, Pinky is Angry and Shocked and tells Dihati, she is also shocked. Dihati talks about all of Pinky’s plans failing and Pinky stops her and calls everyone to the Cabin. Everyone enters and Pinky asks who put the envelope in and Chaubay Ji points at Nirmal (I think ) and Pinky questions Nirmal who says he doesn’t know anything about it. And everyone looks worried, and Chaubay Ji asks if she’s talking about the same envelope she was looking for the other day and Pinky replies yes and Chaubay Ji asks of it was important and Pinky was about to say what is was but then stops, (Mithilesh and Chaubay Ji seem to know about it ) and Pinky says it was office related and Mithilesh says “That’s terrible” and Pinky shuts him up (that’s all I heard him say, why did she shut him up for? ) she tells everyone to get lost and everyone leaves.

At the restaurant, Pinto is waiting and Krishna arrives and goes to him, Pinto stands up and asks her what the matter is, Krishna is getting something out of her bag and Pinto looks worried and asks her again and Krishna is shown as upset, she looks up at him and she gets a paper up and gives it to Pinto, Pinto takes it and is surprised and happy to see her admit card (His smile bought a smile to my face ) he says “Krishna, your admit card” he hugs her (I need a hug too ) and everyone else look at them and smile.

At the BDO Office, Mithilesh and Chaubay Ji are there and Mithilesh starts to leave and Chaubay Ji stops him and asks him where he is going, he replies “I can’t take it anymore Chaubay Ji, I’m going to go to Krishna Madam and tell her everything” Chaubay Ji replies “That’s fine and I’ll come along with you” and they both head off to Krishna.

Back at the Restaurant Krishna says to Pinto “You were right, when Pinky said she stole my Form, she lied” Pinto smiles and replies to her “Krishna, I don’t care what’s true and what’s false, your admit card is here and that is enough for me” Krishna smiles at him and Pinto says “All’s Well that End’s Well” Krishna smiles and she asks him that why did he ask her to come to the restaurant instead of Home and Pinto’s smile disappears of his face, he remembers about the Oath and quickly covers up and tells her that he didn’t know that she was going to give this good news (he doesn’t tell her about the Oath ) and says “I was thinking that I would sit with you and eat Jalebi’s and Kachori’s” and Krishna smiles, Pinto calls the waiter and orders for soo much food and Krishna asks him who would eat all that, he replies “me and you will eat it Shreemathi Ji” and Krishna was about to say something and Chaubay Ji and Mithilesh come in and Chaubay Ji coughs to get their attention (how did they know Krishna was here ) Krishna asks Chaubay Ji and Mithilesh what they are doing here and asks them to sit, and they sit and Chaubay Ji tells them that they are here to meet her and they phoned her house and found out that they were here (Oh that’s how they knew ) Krishna asks “Meet me? Do you have any work with me?” and Chaubay Ji replies “Madam Ji did you receive your IAS Form” and she replies it came today and Chaubay Ji and Mithilesh looks satisfied and Krishna asks why they are asking this, Chaubay Ji and Mithilesh look at each other and Mithilesh tells them about how he and Chaubay Ji find the Form in the bin and they both submitted it. Krishna was shocked and Pinto is confused and Mithilesh continues and tells them about Pinky, Pinto is really angry and says “Everything has a limit but this Pinky’s low interference has no limit” Mithilesh says the Krishna to not to tell anyone about this, and Chaubay Ji adds in that if Pinky find out then she will make their lives hell, Krishna assures them she won’t tell anyone no matter what and she wont let them face any problems and Pinto says “No matter what happens Krishna, things have gone over the line, Pinky wont stop and will create more problems (Because she ain’t got a life ) so Krishna do one thing and call that DC and finish that enquiry that is on you” Krishna is confused and so is Mithilesh and Chaubay Ji is happy and Krishna replies “You are absolutely right, who know what other Problems Pinky will create for me to become IAS”.

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At the Singh Mansion, Ganga is looking at pictures of Rishta for Babloo and Babloo walks in at that moment and sees his Mother and asks about the Photos and Ganga tells him and shows him and tells him to pick and he says they are too young for him and Ganga replies so what and Babloo says I’m only marrying so Sonu gets a mother and so she can take care of the responsibilities of this house. And they have a little conversation (not going into detail ) and Babloo says that he love Sargam only and wont be able to love anyone else so no one should get hurt in the process and says that its best to get married to a Widow, Ganga is shocked and tell him is there a limit to girls in the world that you want to get married to a widow. Ganga gets angry and takes the responsibility of finding someone and Babloo agrees and said if I don’t find the Rishta right then I won’t agree as I am looking for a Mother for Sonu not a Wife for me, and walks off.

Over at the DC’s Office, Krishna asks the DC to get the enquiry over and done with so there are no problems for her to become IAS. The DC agrees and asks someone about her enquiry and he calls someone and does so. Prishna look at each other and assuring looks and smile.

At the BDO Office, in the Cabin Pinky is getting her head massaged by Dihati and Pinky gets a call from DC and the DC asks about the enquiry and she covers up and DC asks about the Panel members and Krishna asks the DC to pick the Panel Members and DC agrees and tells Pinky that he will pick and Pinky is shocked and the call ends and DC tells Krishna that he will see to it that she faces no problems and becomes IAS as that’s what everyone wants. (Yes my daughter is one step closer to her dream, right Mrs Saraswati Raj?) And Krishna and Pinto are really happy.

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