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I’m going to take a record of those who came here to read this post and I’m sure it’ll be one of the highest I’ve ever recorded because you people like love story😂

So take note: I am not taken! I am as single as the word itself.

So what then is the whole point of this post🤷🏼‍♀️.

Last week when I was feeling all mushy, I decided to ask myself ‘If I had to paint how I wanted to meet my better half, what would the picture look like’ ? Would I want to meet him in Church, through a mutual friend, in a public bus, in a party(like a birthday bash or something), on social media, through my parents, siblings, a blind date, at a gym, in a court😂, or on the street…..the list is endless

Rather than write this alone, I decided to contact my fellow single friends, male and female to share how they would love to meet Bae😁

NUMBER 1: If by any chance you see a broadcast on WhatsApp or a YouTube Ad, this is where it came from!

Because I am not down for any woman born of a woman shooting down my shot or curving me like some obtuse angle, I see myself putting out an advert expressing my desire and willingness to become the significant other of the prospective love of my life. The ad obviously won’t be the generic kind you hear on all those late night radio shows or that you’ll find on a newspaper or whatever other dry way people advertise this type of thing.

The ad will basically be an article (as per I’ve been told I have a way with words) in which I I express my opinion of myself, why I’m the suitable partner and what I’m looking for in the prospective love of my life. Now I get that this is sounding a tad bit frigid but just picture me applying all the mushiness, wit, intellect and humour I can muster into one piece of writing. I promise you will be moved. This piece will be published on an online platform and links to it will be sent to all the people I call friends and who posses a sufficient knowledge of me. In turn they’d help me forward same to persons who they know are single and down to really mingle. With the proviso being that they honestly believe that I’d gel with the said recipients if we ended up getting together. Following this, the love of my life will read the piece, be impressed, hit me up and we’d write the rest of our love story.

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Now this process currently appeals to me for a number of reasons. It removes the possibility of asking out a person who is not ready and thus wasting precious time and energy; It gets to involve my friends in my happy ever after; and because I think it makes for a good story.

Mr. O

2.  From the stable of a tired sister😂

Now that I’ve thought about it. I don’t think I have any special preference for how or where I want to meet the one.

Honestly eh, I don’t mind meeting him anywhere/anyway. I just want to feel that instant connection and have a kind of knowing at that point. I also don’t want all those hate-to-love transitions…it’s too stressful abeg😓

Miss B

3.  Queen of Pettiness🤣

I think I’d love to meet him online. Let’s have a chat first, so I’d know whether he types “I’m” as “ am”.

Abeg, I don’t want to end up with someone that wakes me up with “am in love with you”.😒

Or in the alternative,

I’d love to meet him at a negotiation meeting at my workplace. After I’ve impressed him with my intelligent propositions, let him drop his card on my desk as he leaves the board room and say “we have unfinished business, I’ll pick you up for dinner tonight” ☺☺

(Wait, does this second one mean I’ll remain single till I start working😭😭 eh God!)

Miss O.

4. Praise God somebody!🙏🏼

For the love of romantic stories,I could paint a thousand pictures of how I would love to meet the love of my life and you would “awnnn” with me.

I however think that these days I have learnt to stop painting pictures as they give me an exaggerated imagery of how the kind of love I want should be(maybe it comes with growing up).

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These days I just to walk along the path God has destined me,hoping that in my stroll,I would come across another who just like me is walking along the path God has also destined him.

Miss O.

5. This one even has cloth color in mind😂. I need to get me a Blue dress! ☺️

I have always loved fantasy since childhood. That’s why I already met my better half in my wonderland😋

At a rehearsal in a natural environment, she uses the runway of love in a decent, striking-blue off- shoulder gown. she is a musician too, not necessarily a singer though, an instrumentalist is fine too. She hears me sing, her heart leaps, She comes near me (us), I see her, my heart is convinced. She watches and smiles as I sing…I love her the more. After rehearsal, we hang out and talk about what type of marriage (not wedding) she loves to have in her life. We fix the next date.

That’s how I would I meet my Pearl, if I was to choose.

Mr A.

6. Aunty wants the friendship to love transition🌚

For the first time in my life, I was made to think of how i will like to meet my better half. I tried to think of something romantic(out of the ordinary) but then i realised i have never wanted something extraordinary😏(doesnt mean i dont like extraordinary things o)

I want to meet my better half as a friend(whether in a special circumstance or not),,,i want us to easily connect and flow as friends then gradually grow into lovers🤩 without even expecting it….you know that kind of love that  you dont  know when it happened but it just did😅.

Miss O.S

7. Mr Timid😅

For me, I am a very shy person and I don’t see myself meeting someone and talking to her by myself….for the first time. I wouldn’t mind meeting her in a gathering of mutual friends where we could easily talk in the presence of other people, having nothing else in mind and then take things on from there🙂

Mr S.A

8.  This one can’t be bothered😅!

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I’m just here waiting for someone to match me with someone else. My first two siblings got married that way and they’re doing extremely fine! I can’t be bothered biko, let someone who knows me and knows my spec, introduce me to someone who fits my spec and then I can pray about it and take it from there😊

Mr. A.O

9.  She doesn’t want A Church meeting 😅

I honestly have never thought of how I want to meet my better half, but now that you’ve asked, I don’t think I know what I want but I know what I don’t want. I don’t want to meet him in a church gathering. Not again! There’s the hustle to be a perfect Christian Brother with me and I don’t want anyone to feel like they need to impress me. While he must Love God and want to please God, I want to be able to meet him in a very relaxed atmosphere! So maybe in a gathering of mutual friends, at an event or somewhere else.

Miss A.F

10. Mr Experience 

I’ve met different people in different places and right now I don’t even care about the place of meeting anymore! It’s more about the person than the place! Let’s meet anywhere and anyhow, but let’s click, let’s vibe on many levels, let’s have so much in common, for me, that’s all that matters!

Mr. T.A 


So tell us in the comment section how you would love to meet the love of your life if you had to decide🥰 

If you came here to read about how I met my better half, sorry to disappoint you😅😆. When that story is ripe to be told, it would be a book🌚 

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