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In as much as you love, cherish, know and believe in yourself, one aspect of your life you should keep in constant watch of is who you associate with?, who your Friend is ?, who you relate with every now and then?,you see the quality of the person that is your answer to these questions ,go a long way in shaping your life either positively or negatively. Beyond the principles you live with, the values you hold, the standards you set, who you are associated with go a long way in either giving the best or worse version of you.

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We most times copy one or two things from those we move with either consciously or unconsciously. We assimilate either good or bad habits from them depending on who’s sphere of influence is greater. Let me explain, imagine a very lazy person and an hardworking person friendship, it is either the lazy person learns the habit of working hard or the hardworking person becomes lazy too, it all depends on whose influence is more dominating.

In building our personality and working towards our goals, we need to be careful of whom we associate with, carefully choose your circle of friends they go a long way on designing your future. If you have certain values you hold in high esteem, certain goals you set for your life, move with people who are of like minds, I am not saying you should be friends with other people, well you can’t be friends with everybody but be good to everybody.

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Look at yourself, look at who you want to be , the lifestyle you want to live, then look at the friends you are keeping, do you think you can achieve such with being with them? can such a lifestyle be possible for you?, can such values be found in them?, do they embrace such steps towards purpose and becoming? , ponder on these things and I don’t need to tell you what to do, know what to do…

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