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Have you ever had a conversation with Friends and then after saying something, someone will just say, ‘ you be there jam talking oh’, or you have that friend or you are that friend that will not stop talking, cho cho up and down, all secrets in the open, have you ever said something and you just for a moment wish you could take back your words , have you ever wished you can turn back the hands of time and erase the memory of what you said to someone inorder to close the painful rift between you guys. Trust me , we all have those moments, one way or the other, our words has either caused trouble for us or brought peace to us. Sometimes our words that hurt our loved ones are before us like broken eggs and we just wish for a miracle that can make them whole again, but no, no such thing can, the best thing that can happen is if we can learn to close our mouth more, speak sense, talk less, sieve our words and help ourselves.
Being Angry is not the best state of mind to have a good talk, when you are too happy sef you can go and make one promise you will not fulfill , when you are sad and down you might go and say all your life secrets to the wrong person only for you to regret later, so you see?, well does it now mean we cannot talk again, No oh. But basically thinking before speaking will do us more good, sieving and checking for imbalances and misconception about our words before saying it will surely help us ,putting in check and envisioning the results of our words before saying it will do us more good too. See, don’t just be there talking up and down, showing your inadequacies through your words, learn to be good listener.Infact less problem when you listen, learn to observe, know no one thinks like you, we sure dont handle situations the same way.
Before you talk , check your motive, are they right?, check your emotions, are they stable?, observe your audience, is this the best time for them?. It is not easy I know, but make it an habit and you will see, you will actually have more peace and get into less trouble.

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