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He said to them ” Take heed what you hear, with the same measure you use, it will be measured to you…Excerpt ( The Bible – Mark 4 vs 24)
From the oldest book that has ever lived with new messages for every day living, we would not stand to be ignorant of the great wisdom for life that it teaches. I want to show you something very practical from this word in the light of pursuing your goals in life , making your dreams a reality.
“With the same measure you use, it will measured to you” ,very simple principle that has guided the feet of men who have made a name for themselves in this world and for men who are keen on becoming something more, the principle of give and get. You cannot get what you did not give. For example you put 5% of your efforts in achieving your goals and you give 95% in following other people lives or on social media, trust me you can only get back an extra 5% of what you have done concerning achieving your goals and 95% result of your social media expertise. I know you will say I am exaggerating if you look closely you will see I am not.
You cannot put a cup of water into three cups of rice and expect it to overflow, the water will only make the rice to the extent of its capacity. It is a principle it cannot be altered , broken or bent. A man who gives his all in pursuing his goals will get the all of pursuing his goals, a student who reads for just an hour for a course he ought to read 7 hours for will only answer the questions of the 1 hour he read, this is not village people matter or anything, don’t let it scare you, it is a principle. What you give is what you get back, even the Bible supports it. You do less, you get less result, you do more ,you get more. If you have been doing so much and you see less result, check well, look closely what are you not doing right, if you actually have all grounds covered, don’t stop ,trust me , your harvest will surely come.
Right now ,look at yourself , take a survey of every area of your life and ask yourself a simple question, what has been my measure?, and if you now want to excel and move ahead , don’t do less , do more, you can’t cook 2 noodles and expect to see 4 noodles result. Your choices determines the extent you will go. Yes there is Mercy, oh Favour works too, wow, there is Grace that is God’s to decide but you can’t cheat principle and process. You want to move ahead, work towards it, work ahead, yes work right no be magic oh, and if you just want to just be chilling, oya chill.

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