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Do you love movies? , Do you love reading books? , Are you a football freak?, Are you a lover of life?, if you are, of all the differences that is in between these tabled issues , we both know they all have a common stand, which is “End”, no matter how long the movie is , how interesting that book is, how important that match is, or how well that life was lived, there is always an end. For my GOT brothers and sisters, we all know ” Winter is upon us”, the end is here, all the waiting and stress will come to an end. Trust me, the end may not be what you want, or what you bargained for , but it is an end already, what more can be done?. But do you know that you have a big role to play in the end. In whatsoever you are doing now, school, work, career, relationship, there is an end to it, but your actions will go a long way in determining the kind of end you get. Of course we know there is an unchanging end to our lives that end of ends, where death comes to take it trophy, and mother earth, generous enough to open up a part of her for our body. This end we sure can’t change, but you see those subtitles ends you have before it, in your marriage, relationship, hustle and bustle, whatsoever it is, we have an expected end and if we don’t work towards it, we would only have an anyhow end. You have to give it your best shot, you need to put your all in it, if you are really an achiever, you need to start working now. If your highest career goal is to manage a company, or to own a company , it doesn’t jump on you , trust me, you need to work for it, work towards it, because if you don’t, you won’t get it trust me. You can be whatsoever you want to be , if you can believe and work towards it.

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Now the question is what steps are you taking to achieve your expected end?, before end of ends what is happening to your subtitle ends?, think over it, and take your next steps towards achieving and being who you want to be. You owe yourself that, and when the end of ends comes, let it be said that you lived a life that glorified God, elevated humanity and you lived in full.

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