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You know how it is in secondary school that topic is it biology or inter science now? , that follows one another  discussing the various systems of the body, respiratory, circulatory etc well for the support system I don’t mean those ones that regulate your body and all rather I mean the support system for your life, your dreams and aspirations and the support system is made up of people either one or two or more than those set of people who support your dreams ,understand you, believe in you and also respect your judgment. If you do not have these set of people in your life it’s important that you carefully discover them and be sure they are the right ones.

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I remembered in my year two in school I wanted to open an Indomie stand i actually make good noodles ask my friends lol so I told one of my so called close friend about it and that was the end of that idea because the person did not only paint the idea as being bad but also described it as embarrassing to her, so the foolish me gave up that idea and I’m happy to announce or sad to announce to you that there are about four indomie stands in that area now and the business is going really well so when I say you need the right support system you should know what I mean but all in all believe in your own self and in your dreams and don’t give up on them so if having a support system is important being your own support system is more important.

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