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I actually didn’t feel like talking about this particular topic , but looking at the harm and damage it is causing in our society , I think I can make a change in my own little way. Okay this is how it goes , you were born, you grew up , fearfully and wonderfully made , then boom out of the blues you don’t like yourself anymore, you don’t like how you look, you don’t like your own unique body build in the name of another person’s own looks better than yours , or you want to have the same shape with another person, so in a nutshell you don’t like yourself anymore, and you want to look like another person by all means, you begin to buy cheap creams, use crazy harmful drugs, do cheap surgeries that will always have a terrible end all in the name of you don’t like how you look , wow, I am actually speechless. You are just so desperate, your insecurities and low self esteem playing out right in front of you, and you can’t even see it. Sad mehn, just sad. You see you are not helping yourself, why are you trying to look like someone , why are you sad and depressed because you feel your shape is worse or whatever, hey sis you need to wake up and grow up. You need to love yourself and your body, carry yourself with so much confidence no matter what, that is what a queen does and we are all queens. You are beautiful, your body is beautiful, God did not make a mistake, take care of yourself in and out and be happy. Don’t let the society, or friends or anyone tell you how you should look or what body shape is acceptable in the society. Please stop, you own you, I hope you know that , so nobody should make you feel less of who you are . Do what makes you glow and shine, take care of your body, your health is very important too, and trust me you owe no one any explanation for how you look or your body shape. There is just one of you , yes just you for this whole world, appreciate that.

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