Martha’s Pen: Self Worth

I have always listened to him all through
Every word, every instruction, every text, every call
All in the name of the love I thought I have found
I played the pleasing game so well
Forget standard and class, I was lowly as a lamb
I wanted him to be everything to me as I was to him
Guess it was a joke for on me all along
He cared along the line or so I thought until I realised in his eyes I had no worth at all
I have fought for love so much and lost
I was hurt so much and still I loved
I decided to take up a stand
Value me, love me first, please me, cherish me
I decided to put me first in all the things I know that is not a scam
I didn’t know when the strength came from anymore
I realised there was so much I could do for myself
I realised Self love was the cure
I drove far away from him even though my heart was his
Now he says my attitude is not of bliss
He said he will be gone , I laughed and said Be gone for good oh Knight
For I have realised, My worth shouldn’t change in order to keep a man
But these were Eve’s words not mine.


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