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Have you ever been through a bad breakup breakup before?, ever been cheated on or betrayed?, ever been hurt by someone who you hold in so much high esteem?, and after all of these you feel like your healing process might take forever , if you are in this position or were then you will understand what I am about to talk about or better still learn if you have not before.

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One thing is sure we may never be able to erase memories of such a person that put us through those hard times,fragments of what their actions or inactions stay with us and in a way checkmate how we relate with others. It is not only important for us to completely let go of all of these pains, hurt, sorrows and the rest ,forgive ourselves and others , it is equally important for us not to punish others for it. You see in the bid of trying not to make the same mistake again and being careful and all we end up unconsciously hurting those who mean well because of our past experiences. It is wrong to make anyone feel like they are paying the debts that someone who hurt you before refused to pay. Don’t let those bad experiences and emotions control your today and all the joy and new love you can find and experience, don’t let them become bitter potions to destroy your happiness, learn to start afresh, let go and live free truly.

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