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We all are different beings with our uniqueness, there are certain traits that differentiates us. I want to talk about two sets of people today, the doers and the talkers.

The Doers

Oh mehn! , how I love these set of people , they have these rare uniqueness that separates them from everyone else. They are the GIDG( Get it done gang). They are the ones that make things happen.They don’t just think of an idea, or talk about a business plan or have something lined up to do, they act on it. They are always the main characters of their life’s play, they take no chances, always getting their hands busy ,doing something beneficial to their future. If you have them as friends you are lucky, dont feel threatened by them , they will actually influence your life better than you will ever think of. They keep you on your toes, they make you want to do something with your life.

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The Talkers

Oya, awon ti talk never do,we all have a talker as a friend, they just never keep quiet, they talk about their goals, plans , achievements present and future, anything talkable. If these set of people describe who they want to be in the future, oh my , you will think you don’t have life goals again but if you ask them , the one and half step they have taken towards achieving this , their silence will equals to that of a graveyard. Most times they will not only over talk they will jam talk, and they also lean towards being proud, and if they now achieve one thing ah! , the whole community will hear of it.

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You see in life you cant deny who you are , but you can sure improve on yourself and get better, talk less and do more, talking or thinking won’t take you anywhere, but acting on those thoughts will do you more good. Just saying…

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