Martha’s Pen: Pay The Price

Count the cost now

Count it very well and be sure it is what you want

Be sure and pay the price

Do it now, now that it looks as though there is still time

Have you forgotten it is not a day’s job?

Don’t you see how much it will cost?

Don’t you see all that is at stake?

I am not here to scare you, but don’t you know there is no pay without work?

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You see how big the goal is, do you think it is easy to come by?

It is not magic, it does not come by miracle

Invest in who you want to be , it is not beans

Let it not be that you will regret later

Don’t you know only few get to make a U- Turn

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Even if it seems there is no result now, still tarry there in

Don’t you know good things take time?

Have you forgetten, how big a dream it is ?

Don’t worry yourself, result will surely come, be thou rest assured

Keep paying up, in your different ways

In your breaking and rebuilding, with your hardwork and smartness

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With your determination and closeness to God

With your learning and unlearning, your positive attitude and healthy lifestyle

Please don’t stop, for soon it will pay off

All you need do is to , Pay the PRICE

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