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No one is perfect, we don’t all have what we want, no one has it all, we fall short in one way or the other and lean on others for help. We get all that part yeah, and there is a part too that you borrow and you are supposed to return too, but there is a huge traffic in the returning part. See there is no shame in being in need, there is no shame in not having and then asking for help but there is a problem in borrowing and not returning.

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When you borrow something from someone whether you are close to them or not , it is important that you return it no matter how little or huge it is at the stipulated time. Oh yes, I understand you couldn’t return as promised due to few issues but it is reasonable that you inform the person, make them know you have them in mind , not running away, avoiding their calls, or even becoming Lord over them and not apologizing.

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Have a good attitude towards everything, most times we crush hood relationships because of our nasty attitude towards someone whose only crime was to help you. Please don’t borrow what you cant afford to return , count the cost well and be sure you can keep up, trust me ehn, there is no peace for a person that borrows, restrategize and make new plans on how to improve on your financial life and try to stay away from borrowing and those of you that have made borrowing an habit , please change, you are not helping yourself. Learn to save more and borrow less , stop making stupid mouth and pay your debts, buy less fancy stuff and pay up , don’t be comfortable in debt. Just saying oh…

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