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Some people are just staff members of their own life and dreams. Yes they are not the CEO of their own life, not to talk of dreams and goals. Their so called friends, besties, cliques etc are the major controller of their lives. They don’t have a say in their own life, they can’t take a stand , can’t make a clear cut decision, they are led and controlled by men like them and not God and this is so sad. If you are in this category, you need to receive some sense and come out of that bondage. Get it! , you are the landlord of your own life, wait, do you share your breath with anybody?, or your heart functions for two people, no even a pregnant woman will still give birth and her baby will have his/her own features. See God knew exactly what He was doing when He created this unique you, this you that is a beautiful piece, don’t be your own enemy. Dont let anybody run your life on your behalf, take hold of your life, be your own person, be there for you, rule by yourself, no relationship should ever make you feel like a servant to your own life and dreams. It is time you break out, break off those shackles made by men. Be the king of your own life, I get it, we are influenced in one way or the other by others, I get it, but for them to now be the ruler of our  life, that one is a big problem.

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Embrace you, work towards your goals and dreams, keep only positive relationships , you see at the end of it all in this life, it will still come back to just you so help yourself.,

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