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Oh my !!, am I the only one that find nosy people annoying, gosh!!, I am always like, guy what is your business in it now?, like can you just mind your life for just few minutes?, Kai, nosy people , they always want to know everything, they can ask you like 20 questions on a matter you don’t even know two sentences of, aswr, I don’t know how they do it. They don’t even know what question to ask and what question not to, they refuse to accept the fact that you cant actually know everything, so annoying. I used to have a nosy friend like that, trust me it was hell, like she never keeps quiet, she wants to know everything, oh, the boy abi, like which boy who put your mouth in the matter now, she will listen to my phone conversation and then ask me questions concerning it, like seriously??, after I first understood that she was a nosy person and very unapologetic about it and saw that no matter what I said and adviced she wouldn’t change, I just started ignoring her , I shun her at times , like mehn it is not funny. The annoying thing about nosy people is, they don’t know when and when not to talk, they don’t understand simple signals, body language, all they want is to satisfy their gossip cravings and trust me they never talk about their own matter, they term to be secretive most times but they can develop your own life matters and even tell you what to do, like so annoying.

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Some people will come and justify themselves now,”I am just an inquisitive person yenyenyen” , rechannel that your inquisitiveness to something worthwhile not someone else’s life. By the way I always have “she is highly inquisitive ” on my report card in primary school, not for people’s life , but on academics, be like me, lol, just kidding, being inquisitive is a great value if you use it in developing and growing your life and future, on a lighter mood here, Just stop being nosy, its doesn’t speak well of you , no one finds it pleasant, well they act like they do, they are just managing you trust me , Focus on improving yourself, getting better, you hear me like that, change and be better.

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There is more to life than putting our nose in others business, I am not saying you shouldn’t care or ask good question ,yes reasonable question about what you observe about someone, things that will better the person’s life , well that is needed but not turning yourself to Agent over the person’s life and business. I mean no harm though, just saying…

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