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Oh! I won the Etem Poetry competition last two years, said James, you know when he said it, we all raised our brows and hissed under our breath, suddenly everybody gave him a weird look except of course the person he was talking too. Now this expression is not because he was telling a lie or anything but it was just because it was a stale news and we his Friends are already tired of it, we just wish he would keep shut about it and write more poems and go submit for more exciting competition not that the Etem poetry thing was even the highest and best of all poetry competitions but it is just that James is fond of giving stale news , like yeah , his achievements are becoming stale , nothing new or exciting, we are not hating on him trust me, we are not jealous, we just want him to grow up and do more with himself and talents rather than leaning on past achievements that do not make him move forward.

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Well, are you like James?, if you are then it is time to stop. Trust me you need to start doing new stuff , outgrow your past achievements, you need to make new ones , they are expired, you need to put them where they ought to be the past and take giants strides in becoming more and better. No one is saying you shouldn’t talk about your achievements, that is if need be, but don’t regress your own life, make progress, your past achievements are supposed to be stepping stones to you achieving new ones not the chief corner stones. There are opportunities around you every day , take them on and make good use of them, stop complaining, stay positive and make living worthwhile.

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