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Happy New Month folks, so happy we made it again, 4 month don waka like that oh, 8 more to go, may God never stop keeping us all. Bye bye to all our sadness, long nights of tears, heartbreaks, loss in any way, happiness all the way for the remaining 8 month. I also wish all workers a wonderful and happy one day off, you all deserve the best, please enjoy today, do those stuff you always craved to do while at work, spend quality time with your family and friends, don’t hesitate to do what makes you happy, enjoyment doesn’t require much these days, in your own little do your sweet thing and if it is sleep you want, please enjoy it . Well just a short reminder, life is too short to weigh yourself down with unhappiness and depression, too short for you not to be in charge of your own life and being pushed here and there by whosoever, too short for you to live for only yourself and not give an helping hand to other people, so live life basically. So let go of anything or anyone that brings sadness to your life or puts you in danger or bondage, move with the movers, the doers, people who are working towards achieving their goals,be happy from the inside out, infact happiness is free, get yours. Be carefree, be careful, don’t be scared to take a leap, chase your dreams, be you, don’t forget to save up, and know you are important, you are loved and there is just this unique you for this world, appreciate that, so heads high, confidence up, let’s take on May and own it.

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