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You know if you would just keep quiet for a while and just listen, listen to yourself, to what that person is saying, like just listen, maybe you wouldn’t be as confused as you always are, and maybe you can actually get your problems half solved and get a head through. But no all you do is talk, talk, talk, in various ways, verbal, non verbal you are just always saying something and never listening, this is not good at all. Some will agree with me that listening actually requires a whole lot more than talking, well some won’t. Being a good listener is a whole lot of hardwork ,it is not easy, that is why it is so unique and important, that is why it is more beneficial for life. For someone who wants to go far in life, achieve, lead and live wisely, listening should be a important value you uphold. It should be a lifestyle. I am not saying you should stop talking, or stop being fun filled ,and the life of the party , no , but in all of these things if being a good listener is not part of it , then you are not yet making precise moves. Being a good listener is not a day job trust me, its takes a lot of training and determination towards self development but once you have made it an habit, you will save yourself from lots of trouble, it deposits some good qualities that will help you in life.  No one wants a woman or man that never listens, we all want that person who listens to us, who connects with how we feel , what wrong with us, someone who is calm enough to just be there and listen , whether what you are saying is making sense or not,( well you too be that person) ,not someone who will just be running their mouth like tap, who thinks their opinion is the only way forward, whose attention span is just very low.So let’s learn from now on to listen more and talk less, you know sometimes you dont even have to talk, wise men are known over time to be good listeners, you dont have to share your opinion, listen to what others have to say. Just saying though…

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