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How I love men and women who would not only keep a secret but would not use it as an example. It is not like you have to prove to anyone that you are worthy to be told a secret to but it is reassuring that people should be relieved and feel at peace after telling you their secret knowing fully well that you would keep it safe and not tell another.

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You need to know that before someone come to you and tell you an integral part of their life , a part of them they have concealed so well from everyone they must have trusted you, they have confidence in you , to unburden their pains, hurt, testimonies whatsoever and it is expected that you keep it safe and not breach the trust.

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Don’t be the reason behind someone’s secret becoming an open story, no matter what happens between you and the person in question never tell their secret, be mature enough not to leak their secret out even if the both of you are not on good terms. Don’t use their secret for open example , anyone can guess it out right, if you are itching to tell an example , don’t use anyone’s secret whether they are there or not, its wrong. Be a reliable person, just saying…

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