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Hey guys it’s been a really longtime so sorry for the quite long break I have come back reloaded with all the interesting topics to pique your interest. It’s a new month already. I actually can still remember the dances and jubilation in church at the cross over service, and here we are it’s almost like the year 2019 is doing some acrobatics who knows ? We all know it’s moving fast and I bet you have been hearing people say you should focus on your dreams, rethink your steps, make something out of the year , yes we all know that, but also it’s important we do not forget to be grateful to God for everything single thing we have. But most importantly pause and think of a strategy not every thing must be spontaneous some basic part of your life ambition or plans needs adequate planning and purposeful strategy to achieve them and that’s what you need to do to get through the remaining phase of this year .

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Plan ahead, ask yourself these questions  what do I want to achieve ? Who do I want to be ? How can I achieve these ? Who can help me in achieving it ? And answer yourself truthfully and work towards it then thank me later.

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