Martha’s Pen: I miss You

I miss you

I miss you

I am sorry it took so long to say it

I am sorry I lost track of time

I miss you

The sweet you, all the shades of your white and black

All the days you were part of

All the years that had you in it

I miss you

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Everything you were to me

Everything you were not

I miss you

All the places you once filled

All the songs you sang for me

The chocolate gaze and milky touch

Beyond the hurt you gave and pain you caused

I miss you

All I was for you, all you weren’t for me

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I miss you

Even though you have forgotten about me, and have moved on so fast

Even though you’ve found another

I miss you

Even though the words means nothing to you now

And you have lost our connection portal

Even though I know you can’t see this, for you are far beyond my reach and words

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I just hope the wind I sent , delivers my message to you… ( Anonymous.A)


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