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The ‘I am busy’ syndrome has found it way in some relationships now and it is really not helping anybody. My personal opinion is ‘ I am busy ‘ is the new theoretical approach some use in just being irresponsible in a relationship. Okay this is how it goes, two people fall in love, who are mature enough to understand that yeah, Love has its commitments and sacrifices, okay we get it no one is jobless, yes, we are all looking for ways to make ends meet , but the fact that you now start making crazy excuses every time is really not nice. You see communication is key in every relationship, if you are the really busy type, let the other person be aware, break it down for them , let them really understand why you act the way you do, don’t just assume for them , flare up and say they are not understanding and acting immature, please stop.

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When you keep making all these ‘ I am busy’ usuals, have you ever tried making it up with them, making little sacrifices, going extra miles for them , just think about these things. No one wants to be made to feel lesser than they are , or feel they are in a one sided relationship, of course no one wants to be choked up too in a relationship , but at the same time , are you really doing it the right way, and I just wants you to know it all stills comes down to priority trust me. If someone is on your main priority list, I think you will know exactly how to treat them.Just saying though, just an harmless opinion.

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