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Oh mehn! , I promised myself not to shake this table but I really just have to. You see some of us need to learn and grow up. It is only you everyone is hating on, your achievements, your lifestyle, your looks, everything sha , okay oh, Madam the hated on or Uncle the hated on, you will be alright. Instead of you to just let them be , you will rather channel all your energy into reacting to every of their tactics , okay  just calm down a bit and ask yourself a sincere question,  am I really doing something worthwhile?, because if you are actually doing something worthwhile haters will be the least of your problem. You see even the dead is spoken of, not to talk of you the living.

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The painful thing is some of us have taken this haters thing a job and we just end up loosing focus of our own self and goals and just make a mess of everything. The one that is even more sick are those people that will be creating imaginary haters for themselves, like seriously. You see if you will just keep quiet and channel your energy into something worthwhile, your life will be better. Great men and women don’t have time for no hater, they are concerned about keeping their legacy and making more moves, if you want to be great too, you should emulate that. The fact is some people will never stop talking , so just do your thing and make sure you are getting your own life moving. Just my own harmless opinion though.

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