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“Hobbies keeps your mind clear and your hands busy” I learnt that from a cartoon, but for those who see cartoons as being a baby’s thing , just focus on the quote  and not the source. You see most time we are often idle , we don’t have anything to do, we get bored so easily and then we end up zoning out and start thinking and getting ourselves worked up, get a hobby please it could be anything that relaxes you and keeps you busy, it will take your mind off lots of things, dont let it be all work, work, work, or just being serious all the time and not even enjoying life or relaxing, get something doing, reading, singing, dancing, swimming, baking, playing games, cooking, anything , but get your hands doing something worthwhile,  you owe yourself that. No one is saying you should be unserious , or spend your whole day doing nothing but what relaxes you but I’m saying all work and no play makes you uptight. I have a friend whose hobby is writing, you won’t believe he makes extra cash from just doing what he enjoys, there is another one who enjoys playing games, Chess precisely and he is also a tutor for chess, making cool cash, and they are all happy doing what they love. Don’t be afraid to learn something new , there is so much more you can do with that your brain, personality and phone, make good use of everything you have and stay happy.

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