Martha’s Pen: Forgiveness

So many times, we think forgiveness is only about other people

Its more like you offend someone, you, tell the person you are sorry or find other means of showing how remorseful you are and then everything is fine.

But everything is not fine because you still feel that little cut of sadness piercing through you and something just makes you feel everything is not alright. That feeling is born out of the fact that it was not just about you forgiving other people it’s you forgiving yourself.

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We are always so harsh on ourselves, we don’t move forward in life, we don’t overcome emotional stress easily, we don’t have peace as we ought to because we have refused to forgive first of all the person that matters the most and that is us.

We need to get to this stage in our life we understand the fact that forgiveness is not always about two or more people, sometimes its a contract between our outer self and inner self

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So from today, I want you to look inwardly, forgive yourself of every bitterness, hurt, pain, backlash, sadness, foolishness just whatsoever it is that is poisoning your spirit and battles with your inner peace and slowly let go and forgive because forgiveness starts from you.

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