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A man knows what to do to keep a woman

It all comes down to, are you the woman he wants to keep


You all know I don’t like talking about relationships and all, but this quote really got me thinking and writing. It is the major propeller for this writeup, I hope it is the answer you are looking for , for though it looks like a question,if you  look more closely you will see answers in it.

I will add vice versa to the quote , because as it concerns a woman , so does it concern a man.You see love relationship is not a one man’s business, it is two people inspite of their differences , come together to build something tangible in the name of what they feel for one another.

Now trust me,they both know their roles in the relationship, they both know what is needed to be done to make the relationship work out, so if the relationship is not working out, one of them is actually not playing his/her role well.

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Hey Girl, your man knows exactly how to treat you well, you knows how to sweep you off your feet, he know what makes you tick, he know how to keep the relationship going

Yo nigga, your woman knows exactly what to do, she knows what is required of her, she knows how to treat you like a King , now the question is Does he/she want to ?, does he/she think you are worth all the trouble and the stress?, does he/ she think you are that one for them and they should never let go no matter what ?, does he/ she think the relationship is worth  all the shot?, now those are the questions that should be tackled , actually I know you can answer these questions from the look of things right so far.

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It is a two man’s business , don’t be a lone warrior in a relationship abeg, don’t let anyone make you keep doing solo performance in a duet musicals. You see after you have learnt the truth of those questions and the answer is not that good for your heart, don’t be down, and think you are not worth anything. We all have choices in life yeah, that is their opinion, so don’t stress it,  don’t be so bitter that you hate, don’t hang on nothing, it is not easy I know , but what can you do ? and you see that their opinion doesn’t change every bit of the uniqueness that you are.As a matter of fact, focus on building your own life and empire, surround yourself with good people, if kasala burst, please take time to heal and dont be scared to love again,improve on your lifestyle and attitude and soon you will find the one who sees you and recognizes you are worth keeping, who would see you are that one for them and he/she will be all for you as you are for them.

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