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I remember those primary and secondary school days, where almost half of the class is having beef with the person on first position. Desperate people like me, whose mother will say ” Shey the person that carry first have two head” , Me” No” , then you had better carry first next term or else you will not like yourself again, no Christmas clothe , no party, nothing nothing, you hear me, Yes ma, well people like us always read and read and just wish for a miracle. I remember one time in primary school, when the guy that always took the first position ,fell sick during exam, well I prayed to God for him sha, but I remember then that somewhere in my heart I wished he didn’t get better, so I could carry first. I was just 8 years old please don’t blame me. Growing up now , passing through all the phases and stages ,I cannot but just laugh at such matters.My notions are now changed and I am seeing life in a whole new dimension, let’s just say I am becoming enlightened. Through diverse situations, events and experiences I realise that I am in competition with no one but myself.The contentions, fights, war, strives to be better , to be more successful, to define and walk in purpose , to break out of mediocrity and averageness is not against anyone but myself. But what is really funny is some people still go around with the 8 year old me notion, they feel they are in competition with somebody, they want somebody to fall so they can rise, they want somebody to fail so their success can show, this is a very wrong idea to live with , such people can never have peace and they are giving themselves up for comparisons, jealousy and bitterness and the sooner the have a change of mind ,the better for them. Your success does not depend on anyone’s failure , neither does your failure depend on anyone’s success. Let go of this poisonous notion and move on with your life. It is a competition against the mediocre you, the average you, lazy you, full of excuses you, the imperfect you, bad attitudes you, and the end result is rising above all these things and achieving your goals and living your dreams and your only audience is God, it is a one Man’s show , it is not a group interview, you need people though, let it be people who understand and connect with your life and dreams.
Let’s learn and grow.

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