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You see, everyone has a choice, don’t you ever say i never had a choice, we were born by choices , choice made by our parents, they would have cut short our processing but they chose to bring us to this world and God allowed it. So now you have a life, your own life, your own personality, your own being, your identity, your name and now you say you don’t have a choice, stay woke bro!, you do have a choice. To love or to hate is a choice, be in a relationship or out of it, leave someone or be with them, forgive or not forgive, to hurt someone, to help another, to fail to pass, to just pass or pass excellently well, they are all born out of the chioces we make. Just take a look at you right now, where you are, who are you, what you’ve done and you will realize it was all born out of the choices you’ve made. You choose to either stay strong and keep moving, or be weak and be stagnant . You see no one ever gets it all, everyone has something they are gojng through, there are problems here and there, the ones they can share or the ones bottled up in them and is their worst nightmare. But at the end, you see some people just rise above all of these things, it is not magic or just pure luck, the difference between you both is while they made the choice to be all they could ever be beyond what they are going through. You made the choice to blame your problems for your current life position.
It is time to take your life in your own hands, you need start making good decisions for your life and living them out, don’t be a situational person be intentional about your life. Take bold steps towards your dreams and goals, be the best wherever you are and in whatever you find yourself doing, stop letting others push or make choices for your life, be your own person. If Heavens make a choice every morning to wake you up into a new day, then it will be good you make the choice to make the best out of that life and live it to the fullest.
Good choices, Progression
Bad choices, Regression
Make your choice.
You see in this life, your choices are always at your service, choose well.

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