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It is always sweet not to be at fault, there is nothing more soothing to some of us than laying blames on others for everything. We blame them for our own inadequacies, flaws, mistakes, failures, bad behaviors, infact for every negative thing that stem out of our lives , we always have someone to blame. Haba!!, this is a bad way to live if you don’t know. Almost all your friends are leaving you, you just never seem to get a grasp of your love life, it is like no one likes you , everyone has a complain or the other, you feel left out, Hey there!! , I have a piece of advice for you, check yourself, actually you have blamed everyone for your problems except you. Why not just sincerely look at yourself and beyond those covers of deceit and lies , truthfully check you out, it will surprise you that if you look more closely, you will see the piece by piece of how you have contributed to what has gone wrong. If you will then take steps to make amends, letting go of your pride, work towards getting better, being a better version of you, you will realize you will begin to have more peace, the love you need will surround you, that friendship you wish for , you will then realize is not so far from you. Until you realize that you can actually be the cause of your own problem, you may just end up as some of those people with bad attitudes that hide under ‘ I am just a loner, I am more of a private person, when all they need is to let go of their pride , change and receive the care they silently cry out for.
We are the demons that chase us- Anonymous A
Let us learn and grow together, yes we cannot be perfect, but we can be better each day than the day before.

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