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Happy New month peeps!, It is a new month and April fool’s day, don’t even try any prank on me , please. Things have happened today, let me gist you, So that is how my roommate woke up this morning and created her own downfall. At 6am , she woke us up and said she wants to play a prank on her mother, maybe she thinks she is abroad , so what is the prank, she wanted to say she was pregnant,I kuku advised her , don’t oh , she didn’t answer, she finally did it , her mother called her again to confirm, she was forming actress, she said “Mom, Yes and I am very sorry , I know you will be disappointed” blah blah , before we know her daddy too called ,and by the time she explained it was April fool, Kasala have pass her, actually as we speak , she is on her way to Uyo, and of course she is not pregnant. Ah, I have been laughing since morning oh, aswr, the matter pass me gan. For those of you that will still play breakup prank on your boyfriend, aswr if I am the guy, I will not accept you again, and don’t try expensive pranks that will cost more than you think, I have said my own oh.

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Okay so 12-4 , you know the answer, you see as usual time waits for nobody, enough of the sleep, procrastination, depression, loneliness, laziness, failure defeat acceptance, etc ,it is time to move, or else it will be 12/12 and you will still be where you were last year, no change, no movement , no improvement, everything zero. That one is not life oh, so move.

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Live, love, be happy , put a smile on your parents face, show more love, give to those that cannot pay you back, be a part of something good and beautiful, make new friends, enjoy life in your own beautiful way, no do pass yourself, no do pass your pocket, be moderate, keep it simple, get rid of kill joys, get a pet, lol, just kidding. Don’t be giving your girlfriend all the money and sending your mother recharge card, don’t be a bad son, don’t be giving that guy all the attention and calling your parents once a month, don’t be a bad daughter, let family bond grow .Shine your eyes to opportunities around you and take them on, pray more, give thanks more, get closer to God, love more, gossip less, build your life more, live ,love , and never stop being original.

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