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Okay, I really don’t think some of us get how this thing works. So this is how it is , you are a being with your own heart, mind , body, soul, thinking faculty, all yours, and you belong to you. Over time I have seen people acting like staff members in their own life. They can’t think for their own self, they can’t reason, they are living invalid and would rather be swayed here and there by other people for whatever reasons they always give themselves.

They can’t voice out, can’t define what they want, who they are and yet they grow in age every year and not ougrow this mindset, if you are in this category , please its time for you to change. You need to start owning your own life. Some of us in the wake of our insecurities, being left alone or being lonely or whatever ,we keep up with things that do not fit what or who we want to be, this is really wrong. Dont make anyone else define you, let no one make you feel like you don’t have a choice, you need to make a clear cut demarcation of who you are and who you are not, what you want and what you don’t want and stand up for it, don’t be tossed here and there by anyone.

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There is no shame in being yourself, acting you out, being alone or whatever, you need to start respecting your own self and personality. Don’t try to fit in every time, stop fighting to have a place in someone’s life, stop acting like a victim just to get attention, stop those babyish style of wanting to be who you are not just for you to be accepted. Define you and respect you, those who love you will surely keep up and those who don’t care to stay would surely walk away, mind you, don’t have bad attitudes and expect a miracle , no one keeps up with nonsense, well me I can’t,work on yourself and those bad attitudes and styles, improve daily and you would feel free and be at peace with you.

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