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It is never always a happy time in anyone who loses any of their loved one’s life, no one is ever happy about it. It is really saddening and heart-piercing to know that, that one with whom you share a close bond with or not is no more, to realize in life that all you can ever have of them are memories. It is really saddening to see a loved one die, and you will just be hurting and wondering how you will continue without them, to realize all you usually do with them, you will now do alone. There are actually different reasons behind cause of death, but it is always just saddening to come in terms with the fact that they are actually gone, and you just want to stay in your make believe world and fantasy that they are still, but trust me, it would do us a whole lot of good if we face reality.

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Cry if you have to, scream if you want to, do all you want but don’t hurt yourself. Learn to forgive yourself and move on, you see most times, it is not only the death of the beloved that hurts us but the guilt of the fact that we were not there for them as we should , for reasons best known to us. Don’t work yourself over that and create more scars for yourself ,just forgive yourself and move on. Write if you can , express in a way you can, it will put a smile on your face . Now continue with your life and with those that are left , those who are still present with you now, cherish and love them, be there for them in the way you can. Show and spread love to everyone. Be happy, live life as though it is the last, express, free yourself , be you and it is important you know these days , death really respects no one. May God keep us all.

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