Its March!!

Happy New month guys, I am so happy we made it again. Its the month of March and we are marching forward, movement in all sphere of life, we are taking bold steps in achieving our goals this month. January and February all gone, to all my peeps whose birthday was supposed to be 29th of February, Well, How about we do the Celebration in March??, instead of the extra waiting. By the way, you can see time is not waiting or chilling as usual, so there is no time to waste time. Be gone with the bad vibes, laziness, bitterness, anger, excess sleep, idleness, unforgiveness, worries, fear, step out of them and take on March. March promises to be beautiful and wonderful if you make good use of it. So many opportunities laid out in front of you, don’t let them slip away again, attend that conference, that seminar, workshop,trainings, go for that interview, write that proposal, CV, read that book, join that volunteer’s club,take that step, don’t let fear and doubt cripple you again, do all you have to do. Live life, enjoy good friendship, you have 31 days to prove to yourself again that you can be way better than you were in 2 month and that decision steps starts now. Labor rightly, live an effective and productive life, refuse to be average, develop your gifts and talents, learn and know new good stuff, find out what you love and do it, grow you , there is always more, don’t let past victories hold you down, look at this new month and say, ” I will make good use of you and grow” ,lol, don’t forget election is around the corner again, and your vote count , come and out and defend your city with your vote. March is ready for you, Are you ready for it?
Above all, don’t forget to commit all of you to God and pray, He alone knows and keeps all. Be happy , be so happy that sadness is sad, radiate joy all over and influence others with it. Be a good friend to others this month, give, live and Yes you can.
Welcome to March Folks!!!

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