In the Name of Love

I imagine sometimes , if love was a person living amongst us and one day , policemen goes to his house and arrest him for all the crimes committed in his name, If he is taken to the court and the list of things done in his name is listed out ,I bet he will first shake his head, faint and never wake up. I think of the pain, hurt, risk, damage and everything we put ourselves in, in the name of love. We devalue ourselves, diminish our family values, manipulate other people, make a fool of their personality , break promises, all in the name of love. We hurt others, get hurt, miss out in opportunities that life brings, end up where we don’t want, do what we don’t love, in the name of love. Now the question is , is it really love, is it love or infatuation? , is it love or crush?, is it love or lust? is it love or fear of loneliness?, is it love or fear of being called incompetent or incomplete? , is it love or lack of self esteem and confidence?, is it really love or sheer ignorance? , is it really love or act of foolishness and stupidity? , is it really love or immaturity?, is it really love or material acqusition? ,is it love or love lookalike, if it has really been love why do we have to try it with thousands of different colors of opposite sex to prove it.
Is love not patient?, is it not kind?, is it not forgiving? , is it not all accepting? , is love disappearing you to appear another?!!, is love devaluation and been treated less? .
I just want us all to think deeply and see if it is love your experiencing or something like love.
I hope we seek for love itself , first within us, understand it , express and live in its freedom and reality instead of the deadly illusion we have chosen to live with.
We are in the love season they say, forgetting love is a lifestyle, I hope you do the right things in the name of love, things that will free Mr love from the prison other than put in it for life.

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