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Improve- To make something better, to increase the value or productivity.
Just last week, I scanned through all the people in my life over the years, I looked back at how I met some of them, and how my relationship with them as influenced my life , some are just superb, I can make a long list of the good ways they have influenced my life and some are not just it at all, I can make a long list also of how they have treated me badly and hurt me. To both the good and the bad I can only say thank you. One thing is sure, we will all one day look back and see why we should let some people out of our lives and why some should stay. Above all of these the questions that crossed my mind was how have you improved your friends??, How have you added value to their lives?? and at the questions I became calm, and sincerely tried to find an answer to it. I feel like its God asking me , enough of what others have done for you ,what have you done for them, how have you positively influenced their life. This I believe is a question we should all ask ourselves. Most times, we feel some people are obligated to do somethings for us, we believe yes now I am a good person, I am friendly , I am this and I am that, beyond all of these things, what tangible impact have you made in somebody’s life, this is what you should be more concerned about.
Some people have testimonies of how some of their friends helped them, supported them in pursuing their goals in life ,are you that kind of friend?? , are the kind of friend that is there when you are needed??, are you that friend that always have a kind word towards somebody’s dreams, are you the friend that believes in your whole team making it in life and coming out as the best of all?, are you the type that pushes your friend positively towards being all they want, are you that friend that prays for your friends, are you the friend that is realiable and respect friendship values,are you the friend that one can write a long list of how you have added positive values to some area of one’s life, are the friend that helps or you are the all gist, gossip column, party night, sleep over vibes, going out things kind of friend and no other value.
Think and answer sincerely, and make a positive change.
I for one have learnt and I choose from now to add positive values and increase productivity of my friends and I choose to stay with people who do the same for me.


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