My First week at the Nigerian Law School


Hello Y’all

It’s been a while😁, your girl has been settling down at Law School and as you’ll expect, I’ve got some juicy gists to spill😁

About a week and few days back, I got news that we’ve been posted to various campuses for the compulsory one year course to be qualified to practice law in Nigeria.

For those who may not know, there are six campuses/branches of the Nigerian Law School- Abuja(headquarters), Lagos, Bayelsa, Enugu, Yola and Kano. I had a few classmates who really didn’t care about where they would be posted to, they just wanted to be posted. For me, I had always wanted Lagos for some reasons: I wasn’t ready to travel far so I knew it had to be Lagos as it is the closest to me, the Location of Lagos law school is strategic, it’s at the middle of town and I could go out easily if I wanted to, I have family in Lagos and then I heard the teaching here is really intense so I just wanted to be here.

Let me also mention that I heard some not so encouraging news about Lagos campus too like the fact that there would be 6-7 people in one room😩, the water is colored(close to diluted Lipton tea 🤣) and that lectures took literally all day unlike other campuses where lectures close earlier. Irrespective of all these, I wanted to be here so I actually picked Lagos campus twice out of the four choices we had while filling the form.

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I know someone would wonder if I ever asked God what he wanted for me☺️. I was praying for Lagos and was also praying that God’s will should be done but my inside inside was telling me God’s will is Lagos😂.

So ladies and gentlemen, I got what I wanted and I was super excited! I had to travel 24 hours after and I did!

On getting to campus, I was allocated to a temporary room pending the time I would complete my registration. Men and brethren, alas I was deceived! The room was going to be permanent(I later knew this after I completed my registration and was assigned to the same room).

Guys, the rooms are legit tiny😩 but yours sincerely loves Lagos Campus still🤣. Two rooms would have to share a bath and a toilet and that means at least 12 people to one bath and toilet😑. I wasn’t kuku moved! I attended a Federal University and lived under similar circumstances for Five years plus so nothing do me✌🏻.

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God compensated me by giving me the best roommates everrr😍(Sheila, Sophie, Ronke, Sommy and Virtue, I love you people too much already). We have bonded like we’ve known each other for ages and they’re neat people too so it’s easy to keep our cubicle very neat and inviting😁(I’ll share a picture one of these days).

So registration started and the hustle began😩, moving from pillar to post, carrying papers around and joining Queues all over the place. But again, God showed up for me and what took some people four-Five days took me two days 😎.

Orientation followed and we were basically taken through what we are expected to do and comply with over the next nine months. This is one process I really applaud because we were taken through even the very basics and no one assumed we had been law students before. And when one knows, it is easier to abide.

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As I mentioned earlier, I was told the training here is very tedious and I’m beginning to feel it already. We were shared into groups and we’ve started receiving assignments for courses😩 and this will be done every week for every course. I’m still wondering if I’ll ever have any ‘me time’ in this place😑

All in all, I am so positive about this new journey and I am super persuaded I will have a good time studying to get called to the Bar🙂. The part that I’m yet to come to terms with is the long hours of lectures I’ll have to sit for everyday! Lectures here would be from 9-4,5,or 6 😩.

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