My First Air-Travel experience


Kindly place your hand on your chest and repeat after me😆

”No matter what I read here today, I shall not make jest of the writer either to her face or even in the comment section. So help me God.”

Kindly note that you are now under oath😒

You May proceed😁

In October 2017, I got accepted into the Barack Obama Young African Leaders Initiative for West Africa and we were going to attend a fully-funded 3-week training in Ghana.

One of the participants created a Whatsapp group for all of us to meet one another. There were over 100 of us from about 7 West African Countries. As we got close to the travel date, we started hearing gists that there was an issue with the partners and so they’re trying to cut cost and we might have to travel by road. Road ke😒, to Ghana😑, when I was already excited somebody will enter aeroplane😞. I sha started praying that this evil thing will not start in my time. The set before mine travelled by air. I shall travel by air. My people, God answers prayers😎. The issue was resolved and we were assured we would travel by air. The first battle was won.

Few days after, participants from other countries started receiving their flight confirmation and tickets, those of us from Nigeria kept refreshing our mails hoping to get ours 😩. After about 48 hours, we started getting our tickets too and you already know your girl now, I started packing my plenty load and ready to make the trip one to remember😎.

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Travel date has come, and now it’s time to travel. Here’s the first advise- Please if you’re travelling out for the first time, try not to travel alone. I don’t know what I would have done without company. Thank God we had people in the team who had experience with moving round the airport, getting stamped and all, I would have disgraced my entire lineage.

We were to fly one African Airline I can’t remember now and as I got to the counter, the airline attendant asked if I wouldn’t mind sitting by the window. I had planned to observe the sky and take plenty cloud pictures so I jumped at the offer🤣. On getting to the checkpoint, they asked us to off our shoes 😒 (it’s better to wear very comfy shoes) and they checked our bodies and afterwards we moved to the boarding area.

As we boarded the aircraft, fear just gripped me😩. Devil started flashing plane crash stories in my head and I was thinking of how I will be able to fly parachute with my phobia for heights😢. I sat down at my window seat and I kept saying to myself ‘this is my first flight and it shall not be my last, I am the ark of God and I cannot die in plane crash’🤣

It was a pretty small aircraft, almost like a coaster bus. One of the flight attendants came and started explaining how to use life jacket abi parachute incase of emergency. In my own mind, I knew I had settled this thing with God se😂. One tiny voice announced that we should fasten our seatbelts and prepare for takeoff.

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I will never forget the feeling the take-off gave me. I was sitting close to the rear and the aircraft went “nose-up” and I could almost swear those of us at the back we’re going to fall off through the back😂. My chest started doing ashgukpefighxz(don’t ask what this is🤣🤣), My ears went off duty and I shut my eyes and clasped my hands together 🤣. I was too scared, meanwhile my next neighbor was taking selfies🤣(Nonye, you’re the boss). It took a few minutes for the plane to get stable and then it felt like we were on plain ground😁. The bush girl in me kept looking out and observing the clouds ☁️ that looked like fluffy egg muffins by the way😋. I felt like opening the window and stretching out my mind like one would do in a car🤣🤣🤣.

While I was planning for the trip, I had dreamt of how I ate plenty senrenren on the plane because I had watched too many movies depicting how people ate fine fine food as they travel. The airline gave us a bottle of water, something that looked like fruit juice and two snacks I still can’t give a name up till today 😒. One looked like a roll of flour with a pinch of fish(please don’t call it fish roll) and the other one looked like a soft mass of undone flour with a dot of jam(don’t call it doughnut😒). I sha took picture of the thing and ate it😑.

Oh yes, I was pressed almost throughout the flight but I didn’t have enough courage to get up to use the convenience at the rear end. I was scared I could fall on my way there or sit on the toilet and find myself falling right down🤣. So I still don’t know what the toilet in an aircraft looks like and I don’t know what I’ll do when I have to take longer flights😩(because I know I’ll still take all those 10-hour flights to far places😁)

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The flight lasted about 45 minutes and I couldn’t help but compare it with the plenty hours we would have spent if we were to travel by road.

Landing at Accra,Ghana was pretty much okay except that it was bumpy and of course, the aircraft hit the ground running….literally 😂.

I bounced out of the plane like I was never scared😂 and that was it😁. The flight back to Nigeria was less scary but I still got that “take-off” feeling 😩.

Fun Fact: In my Opinion, the Local flights(connecting states within Nigeria)I took after this are so much more bumpy, literally like climbing bumps at intervals🤣plus they only serve water in tiny disposable cups(at least I know this about Air Peace)☺️

PS: I think I should write about my experience in Ghana 🇬🇭 😁. What do you think?

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