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These psiphon guys can never just stop amusing us with their psiphon apps as they have released a brand new psiphon wifi handler.
 Some weeks back,I dropped a post about the psiphon a+ pro  which i believe most tweakers in this country are currently making use of to surf the internet. If youve bot downlpaded yours, you really have to.

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Since the use of vpn apps started we all know that it has not been quite easy tethering your data to other devices and most people have really complained about this. But as technology keeps on advancing, more things keep on coming.

This Psiphon Wifi handler now allows you to be able to tether and share your mobile data with other devices without having to root your phone. You guys are really gonna enjoy this app.

Click here to download .

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  1. How do you use it with, eg. Glo?
    To share the network over hotspot, i mean.

  2. Mean how do we use to share data, cause it's not working at my end.

  3. There was a time when cables were used to network many computers together. Hardware like routers, hubs, switches etc were required for communication between computers, but Wifi brought high tech change in communication of computers by providing wireless connectivity features.

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