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Wednesday Update on Twist of Fate — 22 May 2019

Twist of Fate 22 May 2019 Update – Zee World The episode starts with Kiara coming to tell Abhi that she is playing game with Dadi. Abhi says do you know what the game is all about? Kiara says she is a spy in this game and Dadi asked her to tell her what they […]

Wednesday Update on This Is Fate — 22 May 2019

This is Fate 22 May 2019 Update – Zee World The episode starts with Shrishti and Samer outside the room eavesdropping on Manisha and Rithwick’s conversation. They overheard Manisha and Rithwik have very opposite views, she doesn’t listen to him but he makes her realize that they have to get out of this mess because […]

Coming Soon on Zeeworld: Kindred Hearts – Full Story & Plot Summary

Kindred Hearts full story, plot summary, casts, teasers – Zee World By 4th June, KINDRED HEARTS will be starting on Zee World and replacing This Is Fate. KINDRED HEARTS is a series that follows an unplanned relationship between Aditya and Jhanvi. Aditya is married to a sly and cunning wife called Nisha. Nisha is an exemplary […]

Coming Soon on Zee World: The Heir Full Story & Plot Summary

The Heir Full story, Plot Summary, casts, teasers – Zee World It’s Goodbye Twist of fate and welcome to The Heir on Zee World this June 2019. The Heir tells the story of a mother who does her best to disguise the identity of her Child in other to bring peace to the village. The Heir also […]

Tuesday Update on Twist Of Fate — May 21 2019

Twist of Fate 21 May 2019 Update – Zee World The episode starts with Abhi telling Pragya that “I will tell them the truth that you have snatched my daughter and I want her back, please give back my daughter to me” She says those 7 years were bad for me and you can’t kick […]

Tuesday Update on Mehek — May 21 2019

Mehek 21 May 2019 Update – Zee World  The episode starts at Shaurya’s restaurant opening, Mahek tells them that “my name is Mahek Sharam Khanna now, I have my husband’s identity with me now and My husband is a very good human so he said the restaurant should be opened with a good deed, so […]

Tuesday Update on This Is Fate — May 21 2019

This is Fate 21 May 2019 Update – Zee World The episode starts with Prithvi pushing Sherlin on the bed, Preeta enters and sees them together, Prithvi tries to pretend that was only consoling Sherlin because she was crying, Prithvi says that “I was only passing by when i saw sherlin crying because she just […]