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Offline and Online Begging

Is it what this country has turned some people to or it is what some people have turned themselves to because of the country because I don’t get anymore oh. Some people are no longer taking bowls and going from a place to another begging for money, they now dress corporate and use iPhones. Na […]

My Week Marks

You know how we get marks for whatever we do, especially at school. You fail your results will speak on your behalf and vice versa. As we all know, the journey to being great is not a day step, but a process and a step by step affairs, so each day you wake up, life […]

Beautiful Rats

Rats, lol, those creatures are one hell of a trouble, but funny enough, they are one of the reasons why some people can still feed their families in this country. I don’t mean killing and feeding their families with rats oh, you know lots of businesses are made out of rats poisons and the rest, […]

Contentment is great gain

Show me a man who is satisfied with what he has , and you will see a man who is at peace with life. Contentment is happiness in one’s situation, satisfaction according to the English Dictionary. I could write a book on contentment but trust me, lots of books have been written and many more […]

Who are you talking to ?

We all cannot be alone forever, no matter how much someone hurts you and you vow never to open up to anyone again, we both know we are deceiving ourselves, we still need to talk to someone, we need to hear others opinions and views , share ideas, plans etc especially with those we love […]


Pride goes before a fall, yes it is true. Some people are so full of themselves particularly because of their material possessions and achievements in life. They feel they can walk over whosoever. Aunty and Uncle Pride stop before the fall stops you. No matter who you are, what you have, nothing profits more than […]

Heart Talks

Holla!!! I am not the love talks type neither am I a relationship coach, but with what I have been through in my relationships with both same-sex and opposite-sex plus what others share with me, I believe a heart to heart talk will help someone. You know how you hold on to someone so much […]

Time out with Me

I love being around my friends. I love having people around me catching up with the latest gist, laughing, chatting, eating just having fun basically. There are a lot of things I enjoy doing but none of it profits me more than having time out with myself. Time out with me doesn’t mean taking myself […]

Being Me

I love being me, I hate pretending to be who I am not, and I also love being around those that allow me to be me. Yeah, that weird right. The truth is with true Friends you will be always you, but you know with some people, we term to pretend to be who we […]

My Word, My World

You are responsible for your life, no one else is, and the words you say to yourself go a long way in shaping your world. When you listen to all these men and women that have become great in life, few of them have something in common and it is self confession. You hear them […]

Writing Issues

Ello Pwity Aw r u I no u lk d way I alwayz chart u up Iv u nid anytin let me kW Please what exactly is the meaning of that rubbish grammer up there. It took me like 4 min to get what the person was saying , to imagine I rack my brain […]

10 Years Challenge

We are all aware of the latest internet spice which involves posting your 10 years back and after picture, trust me I saw terrible things, even my mouth cannot speak of them. I saw one of my friends 10 years back picture and she looked like somebody’s housegirl plus now that she has turn slay […]

Good Vibes

There are some good vibes, you should generate this year that will go a long way in helping you and those around you. Here are few things that you should do to be a better version of you this year; Checking up on other people You should check up others ; this should not be […]


…tell me that right name you call a man who puts off doing those things that are mighty good for him Procatinator called a voice “That’s him ” shouted the Syrian ( Extract from ‘ the richest man in Babylon’) Procrastination they say is a thief of time please help me add, life, opportunities, plans […]

Ministry of Owambe Affairs

Different people and their attitudes at Parties -The ones that will be forming familiarity’ I know you from somewhere’ Uncle keep quiet, is food you want to collect. – The ones that will not sit down one place ,moving up and down , disturbing other people Mtcheeew, Aunty you better sit down one place – […]