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Good Vibes

There are some good vibes, you should generate this year that will go a long way in helping you and those around you. Here are few things that you should do to be a better version of you this year; Checking up on other people You should check up others ; this should not be […]

Ministry of Owambe Affairs

Different people and their attitudes at Parties -The ones that will be forming familiarity’ I know you from somewhere’ Uncle keep quiet, is food you want to collect. – The ones that will not sit down one place ,moving up and down , disturbing other people Mtcheeew, Aunty you better sit down one place – […]

Stop Comparing yourself

Apples and oranges are two different fruit. They have their different life span, their own kind of fruits, their seeds are different too. No two fruit is ever the same , they may fall under the same family, but they sure always taste and look different. Some may even argue that they look alike but […]

Welcome to My School

Yeah, I welcome you to the first and the best school in Nigeria, Africa should also attest it this. I am not here to argue oh because some people will start saying, is it only you? , na wa oh, hating up and down, Well it’s not a fight neither is it a competition, my […]