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How I met my better half

I’m going to take a record of those who came here to read this post and I’m sure it’ll be one of the highest I’ve ever recorded because you people like love story😂 So take note: I am not taken! I am as single as the word itself. So what then is the whole point […]

The Wealth of Kindness

Being a kind person is Golden It is like platinum amongst stones It is so precious Being kind is being wealthy Don’t be wicked It doesn’t pay What do you gain Nothing but a wicked satisfaction It haunts you Be kind It actually pays You gain many things Everything is gained You are satisfied and […]

Our Daily Struggle (Man)

A man is growing After many years of conceiving A man is schooling After many years of grooming A man is graduating After many years of learning A man is chasing money After many years of working A man is having a wedding After many years if loving A man is having children After many […]